Our policy at ASC Migration is to provide all the assistance you need. Especially after your visa has been granted. We've got 2 great vehicle assistance services to help you get mobile. 

Car Financing

Everyone needs a helping hand when they first arrive in a new country and at Quantum Financial Services WA they have a large range of car loan and insurance options to lessen your financial worries.

Generally to borrow money for car loans in Australia you are in most cases required to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. However, they can provide an exception to this criteria even if you hold a subclass 457 work sponsorship visa.

Free Car Buying Service

Quantum Financial Services WA has also helped countless clients to make sure their new car is ready to be collected on arrival with their “Free” New Car Buying Service. Pricing is extremely competitive as they buy hundreds of cars a month, that qualifies them for volume discounts, which they pass on to you. So why not use their buying power instead of negotiating yourself. 

The Find a Vehicle service is one of the many Free ancillary services that ASC Migration provides and another one of the many ways we’re helping our clients not only arrive in Australia, but settle and live in Australia. If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact Quantum Financial Services WA

Note: ASC Migration receives no commission for providing this service. It's our way of saying "Thank You for choosing ASC Migration"

How We Can Help

We are often asked if it is worth bringing your current vehicle to Australia to save money on buying a car here where vehicles are more expensive on average.

The short answer is no, sell your car at home. The reason is that any imported vehicle, unless it is a vintage or special model, will be worth next to nothing in Australia.

Vehicles bound for Australia are fitted with tougher plastics and larger radiators to deal with our weather conditions as well as other modifications.

Our clients can Contact Us if they have a unique vehicle but are not sure whether it’s worth bringing.

In Australia, road taxes are paid in the form of Vehicle Registration which is settled annually.

On average, one year of registration for a normal car in Australia will be between AUD$550-650.

Some states do have tolls on their major freeways, however Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory do not have any.

Your drivers license will cost between AUD$35-$45 a year to renew or you may choose to renew it for five years.

When you purchase any vehicle in Australia you will pay stamp duty on top of the purchase price which is a 4.0%-6.5% charge depending on which state you live in. Our clients can get more free information by Contacting Us.

Before we can assist you with finding the right vehicle to suit your needs, you must first be an ASC Migration client and apply for a visa through us. You should begin by completing a Free Assessment to make sure you meet the basic threshold requirements for the visa you seek.

You may want to look into some of the Australian Visas you can apply for first. We can assist you every step of the way.

We have also created relationships with other companies to complete your settlement process. Head over to Our Services to see the complete range of ways in which ASC Migration is helping their clients create a new life in Australia.