The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will now issue an 'Expression of Interest' invitations to successful candidates who have reached the 'points test' pass mark.

And those with the higher points will be first to be chosen.

So its now more important than ever to engage an Australian Registered Migration Agent to ensure the pertinent aspects of your application are enhanced and amplified in order to maximise your points score. 

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Points Tests

Points are granted for work experience, age, English language ability, skilled employment (in Australia or overseas) and Educational qualifications.

Additional points can be awarded in some visa categories for some of the following;

If you studied in Australia (any part), are fluent in a 'credentialed community language' or if your partner has recognised skills.

Or you took a 'professional year' of study in Australia, you are nominated by a State or Territory government or an eligible family member to reside and work in a specific area of Australia.

Your points award must be fully assessed before your apply so Contact Us now for a 'no obligation Free advice.

Also, persons with no formal qualifications can still be successfully assessed as meeting the requirements for visa grant by a process know as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).

Again, Contact Us now for a 'no obligation' Free advice as the you will need professional guidance if you are in this category of potential migrants.