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Up-date for Employers and/or Temporary Visa Holders in Australia

The Department of Immigration response to the Coronavirus pandemic for some industries and employers can be seen here at
The Department is making numerous changes to safeguard job opportunities, support critical industries, and assist with rapid recovery.
For further information regarding your own circumstances please contact one of our experts as we have over 17 years’ experience in dealing with Australian migration laws and processes that gives us a unique and detailed understanding of all the migration scenarios and services Australian businesses or temporary visa holders need.

COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – UPDATE

We just wanted to give our clients an update and to assure them that it’s ‘Business As Usual’ at ASC Migration. Fortunately, 90% of our clients matters are processed electronically and as most visa applications are completed online, correspondence with clients (who come from all parts of the world), will continue without interruption as they can take place by phone, Skype, email, or electronically via each clients own portal.

Unfortunately, there will be no more ‘face-to-face’ consultations at our Perth office for a while, but please remember that if you are currently in Australia, there are many options if you intend to remain or extend your stay. Please complete a Free Assessment now and we’ll gauge your options.

Other measure we have introduced is that we are providing additional appointments and after-hours consultations. If you are an existing client and have documents to provide to us, we encourage you to get them certified and send them electronically via your portal.

Alternatively, contact your migration agent or any of our support staff now for help and guidance.

Working Holiday Visas – Backpackers

In wake of the devasting bushfires in Australia, fantastic new rules for backpackers have been introduced whereby they can stay with the one agricultural employer for up to one year, instead of the usual maximum of six months. They’ll also have the opportunity to stay in Australia for three years if they take on extra agricultural work.

This is a great opportunity if you are thinking of heading Downunder.

Further information is available HERE

Order your ‘Working Holiday Advice’ HERE


January 16, 2020

Two new regional visas have been introduced which require migrants to commit to life in regional Australia for at least three years which opens to the door to permanent residency and citizenship.

New laws will give these new regional visa holders similar access to welfare and government services as permanent visa holders.

The 2 new skilled regional provisional visas are;

  1. A) Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa – for people nominated by a State or Territory
    government or sponsored by an eligible family member to live and work in regional
  2. B) Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa – for people sponsored by an
    employer in regional Australia

To be eligible for permanent residence, holders of the new skilled regional provisional visas will need to show they have lived and worked in regional Australia while holding one of these visas.

Regional employers will have access to:

  1. more regional occupations to sponsor migrants to work in regional Australia
  2. priority processing of regional visa applications
  3. additional points for certain points-tested migrants who are sponsored to settle in regional Australia.


There are two categories of designated regional areas:

  1. Cities and major regional centre
  2. Regional centres and other regional areas

Both categories have access to regional incentives:

  1. access to the dedicated 25,000 regional places
  2. priority processing of regional visa applications
  3. access to the Regional Occupation List – more jobs compared to non-regional lists and
  4. international graduates with a bachelor or higher qualification from a regional campus of a registered institution will be eligible for an extra year in Australia on a Temporary Graduate visa

Getting Assistance

ASC Migration are regional visa processing specialists, therefore if you need any assistance kindly contact us today. We’d be glad to assist.

International Student Visas

The West Australian reports that efforts to attract overseas students to Western Australia will benefit from the state government more than tripling its total investment in StudyPerth’s International Education Action Plan to $6.5 million.

For more information and how you can take advantage of this pathway to permanent residency, see how our referral program works on the Student Visas page.

Perth and Gold Coast No Longer Major Cities

Changes being introduced to the migration program on November 16 will see Perth and the Gold Coast no longer classified as major cities, allowing more skilled migrants to settle and work there.

The Australian government is expected to increase the total number of regional places to 25,000 following huge growth in the number of regional visas granted recently.

Getting Assistance

ASC Migration are specialist regional visa processing specialists, therefore if you need any assistance kindly contact us today via our website or give us a call on 93015905.

Legislative changes for Partner visas & Parent visas


Since 2016, there has been a significant piece of legislation before Australia’s parliament, which has a consequential impact on Parent and Partner applicants.  The Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016 has been passed by the Senate on 28 November 2018 which is the final step before the Bill will become law. We anticipate this to happen, probably within the next week.

Here’s how the Bill will affect people planning to lodge a Partner visa:

Currently, a partner visa application is lodged and paid for first, and then the associated sponsorship from the partner follows as a separate & second application.  When the new law commences, it will be mandatory for the Sponsor to be approved in advance of a partner visa application being lodged.  Sponsor approval involves character checks and police clearances from any country where the sponsor has lived for more than a year.  The sort of character matters which may require further departmental consideration prior to approval of a sponsor would be, amongst others: violent offences, paedophilia and other sexual offences.  Moreover, any such offences would have to be declared to the visa applicant as part of the new process.

Should a sponsorship be refused under the new law, it will not be possible for the visa applicant to lodge a Partner visa.

While the vast majority of our clients will not be affected by this, as their Australian partner does not have anything of these types of serious offences on their police record, we can envisage the new process becoming a potential timing issue for people who wish to lodge an onshore partner visa.  It will take additional time to obtain sponsor police clearances and go through the required sponsorship process, prior to being able to lodge a Partner visa.  Therefore, it could adversely affect someone whose visa is expiring and who wishes to lodge a Partner visa quickly to remain lawful.

The Department of Home Affairs does not yet have any idea of how long the clearance process will take for sponsors; as with all character checks, this is dependent on a range of variables.



The Bill also paves the way for the introduction of the long-awaited Temporary Parent Visa.  This will be a five year visa, which does not require the Balance of Family test to be met.  Parents of Australian permanent residents or citizens will be able to apply for this visa, which can be extended once, to allow a total maximum stay of 10 years.

Our understanding is that work will not be permitted on this visa, and the applicants will need to hold private health insurance.

We have many clients waiting anxiously for news of this Visa, and we are pleased to see this initiative coming closer to fruition.    As soon as full details are available, we will be compiling a fact sheet to send to interested people.

In an announcement, Minister Coleman announced that the visa would become available in the first half of 2019.

The unknown issue is the following though: will this have any impact on the current Parent Visas – the 103 (Non-Contributory), 173 and 143 (Contributory) and the 804 (Aged Parent Non-Contributory) and 884 and 864 (Aged Parent – Contributory) Visas?  We know that the Government has already once closed the Non-Contributory visas to new applicants – this happened a few years ago and was overturned by a disallowance motion in the Senate.  Will the Government move again to close off these visa classes, now that a reasonable alternative will exist for parents who wish to spend time with their Australian children?

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) and Skilled Employer Sponsored visas

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) and Skilled Employer Sponsored Visas will be introduced from in November 2019. These are points tested skilled assessment migration visas for regional areas of Australia (All of Adelaide is regional).



  • Successful applicants can apply for permanent residency after 3 years.
  • A new permanent visa will be introduced in November 2022. To meet the requirements of the permanent visa, applicants must have held one of the above visas for at least 3 years, have complied with the conditions on that visa and have met minimum taxable requirements.
  • New points thresholds for permanent visa are:
    • 15 points for nomination by a State or Territory government agency or sponsorship by a family member residing in regional Australia, to live and work in Regional Australia;
    • 10 points for a skilled spouse or de facto partner;
    • 10 points for certain Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics qualifications;
    • 5 points for a spouse or de facto partner with ‘Competent English’; and
    • 10 points for applicants without spouse or de facto partner.

At ASC Migration and we’d be happy to help.  Please complete a Free Assessment and a migration professional will contact you soon.

Are you waiting on an EOI invitation to apply for a Skilled Visa?

Are you waiting on an EOI invitation to apply for a Skilled Visa?

Lately, the vast majority of invitations went to IT occupations such as software and application programmers, ICT Business and Systems Analysts, and Computer Network Professionals.

Other positions in demand are;

  • Registered Nurses
  • Accountants
  • Civil Engineering Professionals
  • Architects (including Landscape Architects)
  • Electrical engineers
  • Telecommunications Engineering Professionals and
  • Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers

Regional Australia

All of Australia, except for Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast is now regarded as regional for migration purposes.

Consequently, Perth, Adelaide, regional NSW, and outer Melbourne should be on your radar. The date for applying for a Regional Sponsorship Visa is 16 November so contact one of our migration specialists as enhancing your points allocation is now more important than ever.

Getting Assistance

Speak to an Immigration Law Specialist at ASC Migration is you need assistance as we are happy to help. Contact us on (08) 9301 5905 or simply email us at

New Sponsored Parent (Temp) Visa changes

While there are new three and five-year sponsored Parent Visas available for applicants, a limit of 15,000 of these visas will be available at any time.

Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have funds available for the duration of their stay and health insurance will be a requirement. There are no work conditions attached to the visa and most importantly, there will be no balance of family test.


The application cost for the visa ranges from $5,000 for the 3-year visa and $10,000 for the 5-year visa with an additional $420 for the sponsorship application.

The regulations for the award of this visa are quite specific but we can provide you with a document list so you know what evidence you need to provide, or we can submit the application on your behalf to our highest standards.


As 100% of our clients reviewed would recommend our services to friends and family, we are confident we can provide you with the service and professionalism to make the process easy.


To see how we can assist you in ensuring your application has the best chance of success, contact us for information regarding our range of services.