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Expert Consultation Advice and Professional Visa Services

As part of our "Staged Migration Process," the consultation & service options below are designed to take the guesswork out of your migration concerns.
If you haven't done so already, you may wish to complete a Free Assessment to ascertain whether or not you meet the basic threshold requirements for an Australian visa.

Then please choose from one of the following options on this page, and we will respond to you within 1-2 business days.

  • For a 30-minute Telephone or Skype® conversation with a migration professional please select the blue ’Book a Consultation Now’ button below. Here you may also choose to communicate via email by using our unique “Question and Answer” template, so just let us know in the ‘comments’ section.

SPECIAL OFFER: A consultation now costs only A$189 and is a full evaluation of the information provided by you, and a detailed written report of each applicant's eligibility, provided by us. This fee will be fully credited towards any further fees due if each applicant is eligible to progress towards migrating to Australia, and we are fully engaged within 7 days thereof, to do so. Consequently, your Consultation would be FREE.

If you require an urgent consultation (within 12 hours) please choose an ‘Urgent Migration Eligibility Analysis and Report‘ which costs AUD$267. and please note also that this fee will be fully credited towards any further fees due, if each applicant is eligible to progress towards migrating to Australia, and we are fully engaged within 7 days thereof to do so. Consequently, your Consultation would be FREE.




These 'Specialist Visa Servicesprovide detailed and visa specific information and/or a complete analysis of the visa evidentiary requirements. Please select the link ‘Our Services’ above for further details regarding any of these services.

A ‘Migration Eligibility Analysis Report‘ evaluates each applicant’s current immigration eligibility and appropriateness to apply for and/or to be granted an Australian visa and/or to be professional skills assessed.

Please purchase one of the DIY services below if you are making your own application and just need to know what support documents and evidence is required.

  • A ‘Migration Checklist’ is a comprehensive list outlining the information needed to make a successful visa application and the current criteria and support documents required.


  • Our ‘Working Holiday Visa Advice’ delivers unparalleled value because, if you decide to stay in Australia for a second year (if you are eligible and have purchased the first-year working holiday visa advice from us) we will discount that visa advice by 25%. And, as there is now a third-year working holiday visa available, we will give you a further 25% discount on that advice (if you are eligible, and have purchased the second-year working holiday visa advice from us), and/or if you decide to apply for any other type of visa (if you are eligible, and have purchased any working holiday visa advice from us) we will once again discount out processing fees by 25%. Working Holiday Visa advice provides you with a comprehensive list of all the current criteria and support documents that you will require for your application.


  • A ‘Pre -Lodgement Visa Application Review & Report’ which is a thorough assessment and evaluation of a completed application culminating in a ‘Professional Migration Agents’ detailed opinion which is sure to enhance the application.


Eligibility Analysis – International Student Visa Applicant ONLY’ (For options after completing your course , please choose the service below) provides an International Student (In or Outside Australia) with clear and specific advice regarding the course of study to choose, which is an extremely important factor if they wish to remain in Australia (choosing the correct course is imperative). This service is processed for FREE in most circumstances.

Eligibility Analysis – Student Graduate Visa Applicant ONLY’ provides an International student who has recently graduated from an approved institution. This will give them options of remaining in Australia and the strict processes to follow to do so. Note: If the student has previously engaged us to process their ‘student visa’ up to $1500 will have been banked by that student to use towards the cost of this visa.



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The cost of an ‘Expert Visa Service’* will be fully credited if ASC Migration is engaged within thirty (30) days thereof to process a complete visa application.

Basically, whether you order a ‘Consultation’ or a ‘Specialist Service’ they would all be FREE if you subsequently engaged us to process your matter.
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