Are you thinking of migrating to Australia? 

ASC Migrations' Australian Registered Migration Agent has been providing guaranteed accurate and specific expert migration advice and services since 2003 

Our professional migration visa services have assisted 1000’s of people to immigrate ‘Down Under’ and create a new life for themselves.

Immigration to Australia is strictly controlled and can be a very stressful undertaking, whether you require skilled visas for Australia, family visas for Australia, business visas for Australia or employer sponsored visas for Australia.

To acquire a visa for Australia you need detailed and specific advice based on the category of visa you apply for as there may be detailed processes (such as skills assessments, balance of family tests, points tests etc.) for those wishing to migrate to Australia.

The owner of ASC Migration and his family migrated to Australia in 1997 but, after dealing with countless migration agents both in Ireland the UK and getting some inconsistent advice (Especially advice from 'Blogs') decided, based on those experiences, to found ASC Migration and provide the specific and precise migration visa advice and services needed.

Migrating to Australia is a challenging process that you may not manage on your own. Each person is different, with different backgrounds; different skills, and different qualifications, therefore inconsistent advice will quickly 'sink' your application.

Migrating to Australia is not an easy task because visas for Australia are hard to get. So if you want to know how to migrate to Australia (on most occasions we will take approximately ⅓ of the time you will take to process the same matter). 

You can begin your journey to a new life in Australia and Contact Us now for a 'no obligation' Free assessment.

ASC Migration is passionate and totally dedicated to their clients which is why we are proud to offer more Free services than any other migration agency. When our client's need any information ancillary to processing their Australian visa application – we’ll provide it (Free of charge of course!).

With over eleven years’ experience as an Australian Registered Migration Agent we are proud of the services and dedication we provide. 

Visit our Testimonials page for some previous client’s comments about our services.