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Most people have an understanding of the most likely visa pathway pertaining to their current immigration circumstances however, applying for the correct visa, in the correct visa category is where problems can arise.

This is why our unique ‘Staged Migration Consultants Service’ determines your suitability to progress and that any monies spent on doing so, are guaranteed to define that eligibility.

Firstly, please complete our ‘Free Assessment’ (Stage 1) service, send us your CV, and we will determine if you can apply for migration to Australia. You will receive this advice within 2 days.

Thereafter, please order our ‘Short Consultation’ (Stage 2) service (only when advised by us to do so) which will determine the correct visa, in the correct visa category, that can be applied for, and if that visa would suit an applicant’s current immigration status.

Remember, that there are many visas in each category, and applying for the wrong one can be very expensive, as you are unlikely to be entitled to a refund if you make a mistake. We, however, don’t make mistakes.

Finally, please order our ‘Advanced Consultation’ (Stage 3) service (only if ‘Stage 2’ has been completed and/or you are advised by us to do so) which will determine the migration regulations which must be met before approval is granted.

We do this by critically assessing the completed Analytical Questionnaire © which we will provide, and discuss (in detail), via Skype © each applicant’s options, and confirm all this advice in a ‘written report’.


(This is analysed by a fully qualified ‘Immigration Law Specialist’)

Click the ‘+’ sign for specific information.

If you haven’t done so already, please complete a Free Assessment (incl. attaching your CV (mandatory) for any 'skilled visa' application).
Shortly thereafter we will advise you if you are eligible to proceed.

Quick Question and Short Consultation & Written Report

This service costs only AUD$47 whereby an Immigration Law Professional will assess the pertinent subclass of visa in the correct visa category for you (this is where most people err, because they choose the incorrect subclass of visa.


Remember, there are many subclasses and, a) some are processed quicker than others


and, b) you will forfeit your application fees if you apply for the incorrect one.  


We however will GUARANTEE your application fee.

Advanced Consultation, Detailed analysis & Written Report


This advanced consultation is provided by an Immigration Law Professional which will ascertain if the current migration regulations for approval will be met by the applicant (including accompanying applicants if any).


It is conducted via a Telephone or Skype ® interview.


Thereafter, a detailed analysis of each applicant's eligibility will be provided in a detailed written report.


This costs an additional AUD$141 but please note.......


Once these consultations are complete, and eligibility to progress is established, and we are engaged within 30 days thereof to do so, those costs will be Fully Credited towards any further fees due.


Consequently, assessment Consultations are FREE.


Initially, please order a 'Short Consultation' (which costs only $47). This will ensure that you are eligible to order an 'Advanced Consultation' (which costs only $141). Combined together, these will cost only $189.

Alternatively, you may order an 'Advanced Consultation' now, but this will cost you $219. Click HERE to order this service.

To speak with an ‘Immigration Law Specialist’ now please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our ‘Specialist Visa Services’ page. Then scroll down to complete your details and tick the box ‘Comprehensive Online Consultation Analysis and Written Report’, then the ‘Blue’ button.

You will be redirected to PayPal and please note that you do not need a PayPal account to remit your fee (just select the ‘GREY’ button to pay by credit card)

If so, please please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our ‘Specialist Visa Services’ page.

Then scroll down to complete your details and tick the service under ‘Migration Checklist OR Urgent Consultation’, then the ‘Blue’ button and follow the prompts to remit your payment. We will then complete a ‘Comprehensive Online Consultation Analysis and Written Report’ within 12 hours and please note that this fee will also be fully credited towards any further fees due, if each applicant is eligible, and we are fully engaged within 30 days thereof.

All fees remitted for ‘Consultations’ are fully refunded if you are eligible to engage us to process your matter within 30 days. Hence an Australian Immigration Consultation is FREE

ASC Migration are ‘Immigration Law Specialists’ who specialise in processing Australian Immigration visas and have Australian Immigration Consultants in the UK and Europe, keen to help you on the pathway to Australia.