Migration Checklists

Detailed and Visa Specific

For those who are making their own application and they just
need to know what support documents and evidence is required.

The Migration Checklist service is our most recent addition to the growing number of reasons more people are choosing ASC Migration. We understand that some people do want to do their own applications and look through migration agent and government websites to find as much information as they can with regards to what they need to provide with their application.

Save yourself time as everything you need to know is right here and only a few clicks away.

For the very low fee of just AUD$376, we can provide you with comprehensive lists outlining everything you need to provide for your visa application.

Your visa application fees will vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for and how many secondary applicants there are. Consequently, these can amount to a significant outlay and be aware that in most circumstances they are non-refundable. A migration checklist, however, will ensure you provide the support documents required.

To order a Migration Checklist please Click Here. 

When you are redirected, please scroll down to complete the section ‘PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR DETAILS TO ORDER THE APPROPRIATE SERVICE BELOW’, Then please select ‘Migration Checklist’, complete the payment process, and a migration professional will contact you to gather specific details regarding your matter.

The Department of Home Affairs does not offer refunds for rejected visa applications which is why more people are choosing ASC Migration to enhance their application and make their journey easy.


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