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Are you a healthcare professional? The Department of Immigration will now process visas lodged by certain European or UK Medical Professionals for Australian Nurse or Doctors as a matter of high priority. This means that people with skills across multiple medical fields are in high demand, which also means that employment opportunities are abundant.

While the Department of Home Affairs will process your visa application as a priority, it will still need to meet and satisfy strict criteria. We know what a perfect application looks like and will ensure that everything is arranged in a way that best suits the Department's standards before lodgement. Our Staged Migration Process will provide you with the peace of mind to know that your application has the very best chance of success because it has been prepared by an immigration expert.

If you are a medical professional like Nurse or Doctor but are unsure of the visa pathway that best suits you, we recommend you complete a Free Assessment for Australian medical professionals to see if you will qualify for an Australian Nurse or Doctor Visa (see below).

If you have a good idea of the visa pathway that best suits you and simply wish to engage our services and find out more about the employment opportunities for Australian medical professionals which we have established, we recommend you choose one of our Expert Consultations.


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