Applying for an Australian Partner Visa?

Partner Visas for Australia are one of the most complicated types of visas to apply for as the complexities involved in applying for a visa in this category should not be under-estimated. This is especially important if you have not been cohabitating as a couple for 12 months which can be addressed by a professional migration agent at ASC Migration.

This visa allows you to enter or remain in Australia on the basis of your married or your de facto relationship with your partner.

You may include your dependent children (including step-children) in your visa application (conditions apply).

The Australian Spouse Visa or Partner Visas Australia is granted;

  • on a temporary visa (for a waiting period of approximately two years)
  • on a permanent visa if, after the waiting period, your partner relationship still exists and you are still eligible for this visa.
  • on a permanent visa if children are included in your application (Conditions Apply)

Your partner must be eligible to provide sponsorship for you and if you applied for this visa from outside Australia.

  • you will be permitted to enter Australia after the temporary visa is granted.
  • you will be entitled to work in Australia
  • you will be entitled to study in Australia.
  • you may enrol in Australia’s medical and hospital care scheme, Medicare.

OR if you are granted a permanent visa –

  • you are permitted to enter or remain permanently in Australia
  • you are entitled to work and study in Australia
  • you may enrol in Australia’s medical benefits scheme, Medicare.
  • you may be eligible to receive certain social security payments
  • you may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship

A de facto Australian partner visa applicant must be at least 18 years at the time of application.

You and your partner must have been in a de facto relationship for the entire 12 months immediately prior to lodging your application and you must provide evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship (this requirement can be waived in certain circumstances).

Unfortunately, many people do not seek professional assistance when applying for Partner or De Facto Spouse Visas, which is part of the reason it has a 74% rejection rate.

While this may seem like a gloomy number, you can minimise the risk of a refusal by engaging the professionals at ASC Migration.

To find out if you and your partner meet the requirements for Australian Partner Visa pathway, begin by completing a Free Assessment today.

Fiance (Prospective Marriage) Visa

If you are a Fiance(é) of & in a relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen this visa will allow you to migrate here.

Fiancé (or Prospective Marriage Visas) also allow people from overseas who are in a genuine and continuing relationship with the same type of person to enter Australia.

You must be sponsored by this person and you must marry your fiance(é) within a specified time. Once married, holders of this visa can then apply to remain permanently in Australia.

What does the visa let you do?

With this visa, you can:

  • enter Australia before you marry your fiancé
  • leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish before your visa ceases
  • work in Australia
  • apply for a Partner visa in Australia after you marry your fiancé
  • study, but you will not have access to government funding
  • use Australia’s medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare.

You must have met (as adults) your intended spouse in person and know him or her personally. This must be the case even if:

  • it is an arranged marriage
  • you met on the internet

To find out if this visa is right for you, begin your journey with a Free Assessment today.


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